Antenatal Care

There are a number of options for patients requiring regular Consultant input into their pregnancies. These range from one off consultations to discuss pregnancy related issues to a full private antenatal care package.

Pre-pregnancy counseling

Patients may require pre-pregnancy counseling prior to embarking on a pregnancy following a complicated obstetric or medical history.


Emma Ferriman offers a full debriefing service for patients with a previous history of obstetric complications including traumatic delivery and pregnancy complications.

Private consultant care package

For those patients wishing to have their entire antenatal care privately, Dr Ferriman offers a Consultant care package. This consists of regular appointments with her lasting 40 minutes. At each appointment an ultrasound scan is performed as well as assessment of maternal blood pressure and urinalysis. The package includes early pregnancy scans, first trimester screening with Non Invasive Prental Testing (with a detection rate for Down’s syndrome of over 99%), anomaly scanning and third trimester scans to assess growth and placental function. In addition there is an option to have a 4D ultrasound scan from 26 weeks gestation. The appointments are tailored to the patient’s individual needs and will include discussion re mode of delivery, intrapartum care and birth plans. Following delivery a postnatal appointment will also be provided.

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